May 23, 2019

Everyone needs space: SpaceFinder Alberta

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Everyone needs space, whether it’s to hold an event, to create, to teach, or simply somewhere to meet, but how do you find the space you need? One word: SpaceFinder.

SpaceFinder Alberta links organizations with space to rent to those who need space. This helps a variety of organizations and venues efficiently find suitable users for their under-used space, and those who are looking for short-term rentals, through this free-to-list, free-to-search online tool.

SpaceFinder Alberta works as a multifaceted tool, offering a free marketing platform that assists venues and space owners find the right renters for their space, meanwhile tracking for when and what purpose a space is being used. SpaceFinder Alberta also acts as a database, it gathers data and generates reports though Fractured Atlas. SpaceFinder contains information of both existing and desired spaces, and it encompasses relevant policies, and provides information pertaining to which organizations are operating in a given community.

SpaceFinder helps minimize the time spent fielding calls and emails about features and specifications of a space, but does not change any current booking systems that are in place for the venue. Whether the booking method is a link to the rental form, an email address, or merely a phone number to contact the booking representative, nothing changes with a listing on SpaceFinder.

SpaceFinder Alberta makes finding space an easy and efficient task that anyone can do, while delivering the specific requirements that the owners, and organizations request. As a result, SpaceFinder delivers real financial impacts to our communities through increased revenues for organizations from the streamlined rental processes, and increased stimulation of under-used spaces. Communities themselves thrive when their members are able to live, create, and celebrate within their own neighborhood, alongside their neighbors.

List your space, or find a space for your next event at

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