November 15, 2013

Foundation Seeks New Public Board Member

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation is seeking a candidate to fill the position of Public Appointment (Special Skills). According to the Ministerial Regulations, the Foundation is seeking one person, who is not in the industry, who is appointed by the current members of the board then in office and who, in the opinion of those members, possesses special skills or experience to assist the board in carrying out the Foundation’s purposes. Preference will be given to a candidate who brings the following skills and experience:

• Background and experience in land use, urban planning and understanding of housing choices in Alberta, including condominium ownership.
• Previous non-profit board experience.
• Previous experience in grantmaking or community investment.
• Knowledge of the Alberta real estate and land use issues and challenges.
• Is not a practicing or licensed member of the real estate industry.
• Resident of Alberta – rural or urban.

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation’s Governors are responsible for policy development, investing in community initiatives, fiduciary matters as well as attending board meetings and representing the Foundation at related events. Three board meetings are held per year; the term of the appointment will commence January 31, 2014. The Foundation is independent of organized real estate and licensing authorities.

For more information, please view the complete description here or contact Executive Director, Cheryl De Paoli, at 403.228.4786 or .

All applications are due by December 11th, 2013.

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