November 16, 2020

Review. Reconnect. Renew.

The Board has identified supporting Alberta’s real estate, economic, and community recovery as important priorities. This is key to our 2020-21 Strategic Plan, which is aligned with a significantly increased budget to invest in industry and community investment, in support of Alberta’s economic recovery.

In 2021, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation will celebrate thirty successful years of delivering its mandate. This 30th Anniversary is an opportunity for the Foundation to review its operations and governance, reconnect with its stakeholders and renew how it benefits the real estate industry and Alberta’s communities in an even more impactful manner.

AREF’s 2020-21 Strategic Plan identifies three priorities:

• Review and update operational and governance systems to improve efficiency and impact.
• Grant categories, criteria, policies, assessment, and reporting for optimal impact.
• AREF’s bylaws, policies, and governance frameworks to reflect best practices.RECONNECT
• Increase outreach and engagement with stakeholders across Alberta.
• Proactively seek more co-investment and grant opportunities.
• Increase AREF’s emphasis on facilitating partnerships.RENEW
• Complete the 30th Anniversary collaborative Strategic Plan.
• Enhance transparency in governance, operations, and outcomes.
• Increase support for real estate, economic, and community recovery.


By the end of 2021, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation will have:

  • Completed a new Strategic Plan through a collaborative process;
  • Increased investments in Alberta’s real estate, economic, and community recovery;
  • Increased outreach, engagement, and communication with all its stakeholders; and
  • Improved its governance and operations to better deliver its mandate across Alberta

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