2050 Net Zero Targets & Changing Building Codes: Implications to Existing Building Owners & Alberta Real Estate Professionals

The purpose of this project is to explore the impacts of upcoming building code changes on the real estate industry and its professionals in Canada’s efforts to meet its 2050 net-zero targets.

Buildings are Canada’s third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, close to nine million buildings will require at least one deep retrofit to reduce energy consumption to the levels required to achieve net-zero goals. This means that Canada’s rate of retrofits will need to increase to 1 million dwellings retrofitted annually. Building codes and standards will be updated to expedite and drive these retrofits and these changes will be felt across Alberta’s real estate industry.

This research project is the first phase of an ongoing study exploring the impacts of building code changes on homeowners, real estate professionals and other key stakeholders.

Future stages will include the development of tools and resources to support REALTORS® to prepare and adapt for sweeping code and retrofit changes aligned with municipal, provincial, and federal mandated energy and emissions reduction goals. Results will aim to support and position REALTORS® as well-informed and trusted advisors that understand both potential opportunities and risks associated with the changing landscape.

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Built Environment – Supports research, policy development, and reform to address climate change and/or energy efficiency in support of the real estate industry and consumers.

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Built Environment: Understand and improve the sustainability and livability of the physical and social aspects of our human-made environment.


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