Collaborating With our Rural Municipal Partners in Alberta to Enhance the Value and Resiliency of the ALUS Model

ALUS Canada will collect, synthesize, and articulate the current and potential value proposition of the ALUS program in Alberta to streamline program delivery and achieve more environmental restoration and conservation. This project will strengthen the coordination within ALUS and evaluate its programs by working with partner municipalities, analyse their program success and failures and use the information to improve the project delivery to improve respond to the growing interest in ALUS in Alberta. This work will clearly show how ALUS helps build more resilient communities by maximizing the value of marginal land on agricultural operations that are then better able to mitigate risk of extreme weather events.

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Land: Support sustainable land use planning and management.


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Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)

At ALUS, we know it takes a community and a network of farmers and ranchers to create rural resilience and create, restore and enhance new acres of nature on agricultural lands to respond to local environmental challenges. This is why ALUS is community-developed and farmer-delivered.