Condo Management Licensing & You: A Resource for Condo Owners & Boards

As of December 1, 2021, Condominium Management is now a licensed profession under the Real Estate Council of Alberta. While this is a welcome and much-needed change that will enhance consumer protection, the transition has been rapid and will have widespread impacts on the condominium community. According to 2016 census data, approximately 13% of Albertans live in condominiums. With about 500,000 Albertans living in condominiums, changes to the industry have widespread impacts on the Alberta housing market.

There is presently a gap in the education and awareness being offered to condominium corporations. Condominium corporations who work with licensed managers will have to adapt to some of the new requirements of licensing including service agreements and working with a brokerage. Self-managed condominiums need to understand how they must approach their self-management arrangements in order to ensure they do not employ an unlicensed person to practice licensed activity.

The Alberta Condominium Management Education Consortium will create and offer a free-to-access webinar series and companion resources that will provide tailored information to condominium corporations, including self-managed corporations, about what the implementation of condominium manager licensing will mean for them. This includes: what does it mean to be a licensed professional; practical & financial considerations for condominium corporations; licensed activity – things to know for self-managed condominiums; and, the disciplinary process.

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Real Estate Leadership – Advance the condominium sector within the wider real estate market.

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Real Estate Leadership: Equip real estate and related professionals with the expertise to serve the public as trusted advisors on practical and emerging property practices and issues.


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Alberta Condominium Management Education Consortium

The Alberta Condominium Management Education Consortium (ACMEC) is a Canadian non-profit organization whose founders and members are CCI North Alberta, CCI South Alberta, and the Alberta Real Estate Association. ACMEC was created to offer high quality condominium management education for industry professionals, by industry professionals.