Canada’s real estate related industries have signaled their commitment to undertake the truth and reconciliation process and embrace a diversity of thought in addressing the pressing and monumental challenges of our times including climate change, sustainability and environmental stewardship, social justice, population aging, public health and wellness. To achieve this goal, we must create conditions that make Indigenous inclusion, influence, and impact not only possible, but a priority. This is particularly important for real estate related industries because of their essential connection to, and impact on, the land – both built and natural. By lessening the obstacles for Indigenous students to undertake post secondary training in real estate related areas of study, SAPL can help pave the way for a more diverse group of professionals. The aim of the proposed Indigenous Pathways Program is to educate and empower Indigenous students to become future leaders in real estate related industries and to expose non-Indigenous students to Indigenous perspectives so that they can incorporate these learnings into their practices.

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Real Estate Leadership – Elevate the real estate industry through continuous improvement, inclusion and representation, and professional standards.

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Real Estate Leadership: Equip real estate and related professionals with the expertise to serve the public as trusted advisors on practical and emerging property practices and issues.


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