Lac la Biche Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping

Living Lakes Canada and the Stewards of the Lac la Biche Watershed, and with support from Lac La Biche County, are conducting a Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping Project for Lac la Biche. Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping was developed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, as a method to conduct fish and wildlife habitat assessments of freshwater lakes. The information collected includes land use, riparian habitat alterations and existing sensitive fish and wildlife habitats on both public and private land. The resulting Shoreline Management Guidelines direct shoreline activities in a manner that will protect, conserve and restore important fish and wildlife habitats and the water they depend on. The Guidelines have proven invaluable for local and provincial government to make sustainable land use decisions along our lake shorelines.

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Land: Support sustainable land use planning and management.


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Stewards of the Lac la Biche Watershed

Living Lakes Canada supported the creation of the Lac La Biche Region Watershed Stewardship Society (now known as Healthy Waters Lac La Biche) , a group of community stakeholders committed to implementing the monitoring, outreach and stewardship recommendations of the 2009 Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan.