Moderate-Income Calgarians’ Attitudes on Homeownership


In many other Canadian cities, most moderate-income jobs can accommodate a home purchase. In Calgary, it’s a little more challenging. The average price tag on a home in Calgary has increased greatly while salaries have not kept pace. We want to investigate three broad categories pertaining to moderate-income Calgarians who do not own a home:

  1. Are they renters for life or do they eventually want to buy?
  2. If they want to buy right now, what are the barriers (e.g. price too high, mortgage payments greater than rent, no down payment, lack of green options, waiting for right house)?
  3. Are there housing forms they would like to see that are not currently provided in the development community?

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Built Environment: Support consumers as successful tenants or homeowners.


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Attainable Homes Calgary is a non-profit, social enterprise, created and owned by The City of Calgary, working to help moderate-income Calgarians achieve their dreams of quality homeownership.