Social Innovation (SI) HUB Community Connection Pilot Project

Building upon the proven models from Vancouver and Toronto, and other urban centres, this proposal seeks support for the establishment of a Social Innovation Hub in Calgary. AREF funding will be used for (1) organization of outreach to secure tenants and members (2) engagement with REALTORS® and site visits for the purposes of preparing a shortlist of appropriate commercial spaces (3) preliminary design of the space to green building standards (4) outreach to major donors for longterm funding (5) preparation of marketing materials, contract templates, etc. The Social Innovation Hub may become a model for reviving underused space to create real estate value and enhance communities in Calgary, following smart growth principles.

Amount Funded


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Funding Priority

Built Environment: Support consumers as successful tenants or homeowners.


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Social Innovation (SI) Hub Calgary Coordinating Team

The Social Innovation Hub (SIH) draws upon the expertise, experience, and input of diverse social entrepreneurs, innovators, and partners to re-imagine what innovation means, who an innovator is and how innovation happens.