The Bow & Beyond Initiative- Moving Upstream

Western Sky’s Bow & Beyond – Moving Upstream Is a focused landowner outreach and conservation program designed to engage all landowners along the Bow & Elbow Rivers upstream from Calgary to the national and provincial parks. The ultimate goal of this outreach Is that It wlll lead to the conservation of 3000 acres of riverfront land In perpetuity, which contributes to the sustainability and integrity of the Bow watershed, provides intrinsic environmental and economic benefits as well as community resiliency.

This two yearlong initiative will give approximately 250 landowners knowledge and options to voluntary conserve their land in perpetuity, which in turn protects vital riparian land and important river corridors, contributing to the vitality and biodiversity of the region.

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Land: Support sustainable land use planning and management.


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Western Sky Land Trust

As an Alberta based land trust, Western Sky protects critical watersheds in the region. We conserve vital habitats and provide managed public access for recreation and education.