Paths for Housing Co-operatives

By Rural Development Network

By Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

Paths for Housing Co-ops Research Report: Supporting the Growth of Northern Albertan Co-Ops

The goal of this project is to support the creation of sustainable, efficient, and resilient housing co-ops in Alberta. Despite minimal growth of new housing co-operatives in Alberta, a co-op model can effectively engage tenant-members in making decisions that provide affordable options, a range of community benefits, and be good stewards of the housing stock.

The Sustainable Housing Initiative, a division of the Rural Development Network, partnered with the Alberta Community and Cooperative Association and the Northern Alberta Cooperative Housing Association to create new resources to support the growth of co-operative housing in northern Alberta.

Explore the Research Report, Guidebook, and the Calculator Tool here.

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This project was funded in 2020 through the Foundation’s Grant Program.




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