Resources to Enhance Rural Properties

By Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society

Report cover reading 'Challenges for Tree Management in Towns and Summer Villages'

Rural properties benefit from woodlots and shelterbelts (eco-buffers) by reducing possible forest fire risks, reducing soil erosion and wind impacts on buildings, and enhances overall aesthetics. Proper woodlot management ensures the health of forested lands and increases the value of the land.

Real estate professionals authorized to trade in rural properties can provide clients with access to professional advice on the forested portions of rural land through the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society (AWES). AWES developed a suite of resources for municipalities, property owners and REALTORS® to better manage and assess their woodlots.

These resources build on a previous project funded by the Foundation on determining the Value of Trees.

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Explore the resources:

Challenges for Tree Management in Towns & Summer Villages REALTOR® Property Appraisal Awareness Checklist Fall Tree Planting for Towns & Summer Villages Tree Inventory Tree Diversity

This project was funded in 2020 through the Foundation’s Grant Program.




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